wy cant i use msn on ps3????
  • dose any one no how to make msn work on my ps3 with out the use of a lap top or p.c i feel this lets the ps 3 down
  • add linux to your system and should be able to i think.
  • Keep in mind that MSN is a Microsoft product. ;)

    Anyway, he is right- the only way you could have the MSN Messenger on the PS3 is to be running Linux (of course, this makes you unable to play the PS3 games until you exit back out of linux, which cuts off the msn).
  • thanks for your tips but how do i add linux to it can i just down load it direct to the hard drive or do i need a storage device such as a flash driver???
  • The official version of Linux for the PS3 is called Yellow Dog Linux 6.0. I suggest you read up on it at the official site of its creators, TerraSoft Solutions. You'll find all the details about how/ where to get it, how to prep for the install and full instructions as well as troubleshooting tips for certain aspects of the system after the install.

    I also caution about doing this if not familiar with Linux first- doing things in it requires doing some extra details yourself that is usually handled by Windows in the background on the PC. Definitely read up about it before you make the plunge (I can say this from experience after messing up a dual boot on my older PC).
  • thanks for your help on this i ghave already been doing some hunting around via google and it would apear that i need to get a dvd that contains linux and install it that way however as sfjp did mention once instaled i cant use it as a games console witch is a bit of a pain in the ass haven to keep installing and removeing it between talking to me girlfriend on msn and playing cod4 lol
  • You don't have to remove the program to play games, i think you would just need to exit the Linux program. No need to keep removing and installing it.

    Wouldn't it be easier to just get MSN on your PC, micky....;)
  • i would use my pc or lap top but i had a choice ps3 or lap top is there any real choice there ps3 wins hands down every time until i found that the web browser isv vary ristricted lol but tyhanks for you tip mate
  • have you just taken out a mobile phone contract by any chance ?