• ;) Anybody got info in the ps1 game okage??????????????? I have a friend thats totally cornfused on it. pls help
  • Okage is actually a PS2 game so I've moved the thread to the proper forum.

    It would be a lot easier to help if we had some details as to what problem your friend is having.Give as much detail as you can and someone should be able to lend a hand.
  • :unsure: Yum...I have the game. And I love it. But at the moment I'm stuck at the part in the game where you are faced against the Phantom Evil King. It's in the...uhh...desert section of the game?!? Well, if you have the game you know where I mean.

    Anywayz, I can seem to beat the Evil King's little helpers...all the little jaw type things, but I can't seem to beat the Evil King himself. And believe me! I've tryed!!! But every attack I throw at him ALWAYS misses! Even Stan's attacks miss! And it's frustrating me!!! At the moment I have Rosalyn (Spelling? ha!) and the Bull looking guy (that was an evil king before) in my party. At the moment his name escapes my mind. Please forgive me. :blink:

    So if anyone knows how to beat that Phantom Evil King please help me out and tell me. Do I need to have different people in my party? Does only a certain move work on him? Or is my game just being so GRR and making it so that every attack misses because the game decided to hate me all of a sudden. Please...help! I'm going insain! Thanks so much.