Top gear, oh yes !
  • Top Gear starts tonight lads and lasses. Dont know about you but i cant wait, everyone across the pond you should check it out online.
    8:00pm BBC1
  • I've put it on series link just incase I miss one of there wild tasks, plus need more Veron & Konezziggizizizzzggie CCX challenges. Like taking off there aerofoils & putting flight wings on hehehe

    Been watchin re-runs on Dave
  • same here mate cant beet abit of classic top gear though i just wish tiff nedal came back to top gear.
  • was watching all day on Dave yesterday, classic series. Caught a bit of the new series, will watch again on i player, the new Ferrari looked a bit quick.
  • its not really that new to be honest bene out for about 6 months the police car bit was hilarious, dave rules. you shud check out there website theres so much cool stuff like a 100 times more than whats on the programme. how you doin anyway pokerdon long time no speek.
  • it seems to have been an age waiting for the new series to come back on good old Jeremy what a guy,i did like tiff when he was on top gear but now he's moved to five im not really that keen on him.
  • hi Sam, your right its been a while. Wasn't being ignorant the other night on COD4, was having all sorts of connection problems, then couldn't connect at all. Ended up having to open a load of ports on the router, even though my PS3 is in the DMZ!!!

    Steel, you managed to change your avatar! Hooray, you found it.

    Nice to speak to you lads, been on MGO yet, pretty cool.

    Hope to see you online soon.
  • no not got it yet but definatley on the cards my mates loving it wont stop talking about it. i want to get battlefield. Ive started playing cod4 allot again but on hardcore mode wich is a million times better so if your up for a match gimme a shout.
  • MGS is an awesome game cant get over how good it is,ive not been playing cod4 for a while i do need to get back into it though i just get stuck playing one game,ive played hardcore a couple of times and i can see why its called HARDCORE uve got to be damn good.
    i cant connect again with friends on cod my ethernet cable dosent work so im back to the wireless way but if i see any of you on i will give you a shout.;)
  • have you tried putting your PS3 IP address in the routers DMZ. Works for me, no problems connecting, ONCE in the lobby.

    THAT is the main problem, you oftenn get an invite whilst in a game, you will not be able to connect by accepting the invite in game.

    Also, i had problems connecting to PSN last week, found the ports to open on PS3 website, again, no problems now.
    I am no PC expert but the above are pretty simple to do.
  • i have no idea were to find the DMZ on my router I'm not even to sure if i no were the settings are for my router.:huh:
  • Dont forget tonight again 8pm BBC 2