• The 60Gb hard drive in my ps3 is being a problem, because i went to play Timeshift this afternoon and it just stayed on the load screen then restarted the console.as the xmb started up a msg appeared saying that the hard drive had been corrupted and it needed to be restored.i accepted and a progress bar appeared.it completed and restarted then it came up with the same screen as b4.and i tried to restore it 4 more times.
    can anyone please help me??
  • Calgar, you may want to first try just opening the drive bay on the side and pull the drive out, then put it back in. In all likelihood, however, your drive will need to be replaced. Considering your system is most likely out of warranty it would be cheaper to buy a new drive (it uses regular 2.5" SATA notebook computer hard drives) and put that in yourself.

    You can get some good deals on these drives on eBay (got myself a 160 GB for close to $100) or from online sites such as New Egg.
  • im gonna have 2 replace it then cos iv tried that.

    wat are some good hdd around for good prices??
  • Well, I mentioned eBay as a good spot to look for these. got myself a 160 Gb drive for under $100. Just be sure to look at the shipping charges and feedback of the seller first. ;)