ps3 error code 80010514
  • need help ps3 error code 80010514
  • Oh dear, i'm afraid to say you've got one of the 'fatal' error codes. The error you're encountering means there is a major problem with the blu-ray drive (you're PS3 is pretty much shot)...:(

    The only thing you can do is ring Sony's tech support and arrange for a replacement console. If you are still under their one year warranty, you will get a replacement console free of charge.
  • there is a way to get a replacement if your over the year for warenty. look in the back of any ps3 game and there a list of network support numbers. the uk one is usualy at the bottom of the page. give them a call and tell them there last softwere up date has caused you to get this error they will then send you a replacement by courier in around 2-4 days to your front door its only a like for like replacement but its better than geting a new one
  • Not exactly the most honest idea, micky. :frown: :o Chances are that won't work- they will know that error code from having seen it before,most likely they have it in notes passed down from the supervisors. I'm going through training for customer service now myself (not for Sony but a different product altogether) and it would be very similar in nature to what I'm training for.
  • i dfo see your point and is a bit naughty but it worked for someone i no "wink wink" i suppose it gose down to how convicing your blag is to the opp on the phone lol
  • hey another tip for you look up link removed its a site with all the ps3 error codes this should tell you exactly wat it is alternativly google ps3 error codes and click the top link it will take you direct to it