Which weapons u use and what attachments?
  • Pistols

    Currently I use the standard one, but I just use it for holdups.

    I use the traquilizer gun alot.

    Sub-machine guns

    I like the P90 alot and use it for close quarters fight. I like the 50 rounds it can take. I usually set it up with all the mods: silencer, torch, laser sight.

    Assault rifles

    I use these for more open space fights. Will check the name. As for the mods I use all apart from the torch which i find of no use for long distance fights.

    Sniper weapons

    Will check the name.

    Heavy Machine Guns

    I use none at the moment.

    So what about you guys? Any tips on weapons I should try?
  • If you have already beaten the game once, Go to the Drebin store and buy the "special" bullets.