• i need help gettin ultimatemode
  • I don't know any codes for Onimusha,but check site name removed as it is against the rules regarding other game sites.I've never checked for Onimusha(I don't even have it!) their,but i get my other codes there.
  • Originally posted by darksephiroth@Jul 11 2002, 06:24 PM
    i need help gettin ultimatemode

    I don`t understand what you are asking. Do you mean a S rank? If so, it is obtained by meeting certain scores in (if I remember correctly) enemies killed, souls absorbed and time taken. Sorry, I can`t remember what exactly is required.
  • To get ultimate mode you must beat the game without useing ANY medicines. (use herbs to your hearts content) and you must get the Bushimion sword. and beat it in under 3 hours.