The Usual Connection Probs
  • Hi all,
    Just purchased a PS3 for my son, and, as Dads do, tells him, "No problem connecting you to the Internet"...OOOPS!!!...spoke too soon.

    I have a cable Internet with a static modem, combining a USB connection to my PC and an Ethernet cable connected to my PS3.
    Did all the usual instructions from the quick ref booklet but to no avail...Its the 'finding IP address' that ends everything for me.
    It says it fails and it has timed out....How many times have I tried to connect using automatic settings...."YAWN!!!"........So, I tried putting in my IP address manually,...not a problem, but I just couldn't go any further, it wouldnt let me accept the address, just edit or back..AAARRRGGG!!!!

    I hope someone on here can help me out with this problem before my son divorces his Dad....LOL:mellow:
  • When you put in the settings manually you have to enter everything (IP, DNS Servers etc) manually before it lets you move on. I would suggest putting all the numbers in manually anyway, just to make sure everythings correct...;)
  • Hi Rob C....Thanks for your answer. I have finally got it working ok and updated all the crap that comes with connecting to the internet....I rebooted my modem with just my ethernet cable connected to the ps3, and it worked. Only problem I have now is that I cant use my USB and ethernet connections at the same time, so I have to keep disconnecting them and rebooting all the time...bit of a pain really but saves buying a router...UNLESS YOU KNOW BETTER THAT IS...??

    Is there any way around it?
  • Afraid there is no way around it- you can either use a router and have it do the sharing or use the USB to connect to your PC and plug in the ethernet henever you want the PS3 online. Personally, the router is a much less troublesome solution. ;)