• when i play the playstation it just goes to to the main menu :angry: and if it gets past that I get realy far and it freezes please tell me whats wrong
  • I'm guessing your ol' PSX is one of the older units?Sorry to say but the problem is the CD unit in the system is dying.Best bet would be to buy a PSOne (which are going very inexpensive these days) or save up and upgrade to the PS2.
  • Yeah the system is shot, you can buy a new one for $50 or you can move up to a PS2 for $200.
  • I remember somone said somthing about a number on the back well mine is s9552412
  • that is an old model I really suggest though u by the PS1 for $50. That is the best buy your ever going to get!
  • Yeah,buy the new,small Playstation.And I belive it comes with a demo disc too.
  • thanks you guys but id rather just get a ps2 :D
  • yeah that's what I would do. The new ps1 is so small compared to the old ps1 and to the ps2.
    If you need any more hardware help or any thing in general just pm me and I'll try to help you out.