PS2 Tomb Raider Legend
  • Hi there, I'm up to the Japan level of TR Legend where you grapple the tv then manually shoot the hooks so it falls down. Only thing is I don't have an R3 on my controller. How do I shoot the hooks? Is there another way? Thanks, rayeraye
  • yes you do have an R3- it's the right analog stick. Push in on the top of it and you should see it pushes in a bit. The sticks also double as buttons. If you were told to use L3 you would push in the left analog stick.

    Sneaky, aren't they? ;)
  • Thanks Lyndon, thank you, thank you, thank you! Was stuck on this for hours and eventually had to give up. Very, very sneaky of them!!! They sure don't tell you this stuff when you buy it, hey? Will now get back to it and play on.