Westell Router Port Forwording
  • [COLOR="Black"Need some help in port forwording a westell 7500 ADSL router for ps3 on how to do this and any other tweaks. Have a verizon internet with a speed of 3.0 down and 856 up but when i connect to most games that will allow me to i hardely ever have 4 bars to my ping.
  • It's a bit different depending on what model of Westell router you have.

    I'm going to refer to you PortForward.com.They give precise instructions on how to do port forwarding on many brands/ models of routers, including 20 different Westell routers. No doubt yours is in the list someplace. ;)
  • It's a westell A-90 750015-07 router And no it's not on the list also if someone could give me the ports to open and what to put in to them