The No Sphere Grid Challenge
  • has anyone here ever heard of the NSG (No Sphere Grid) challenge? beat the game without using the Sphere Grid at all, leaving your characters' stats and abilities as they are for the entire game. you can power up your characters' weapons and armor, power up the Aeons, learn new Overdrives, etc., but you can't touch the Sphere Grid.
    i thought people were lying when they said it was possible, now i'm not so sure. does anyone have any tips for playing a NSG game?

    here's one-Aeons will get increased stats after several battles, even if you don't increase Yuna's abilities.

    if anyone knows a good strategy for defeating Birahn and Yenke on Mt. Gagazet without building up Kimahri's stats, i'm all ears...or eyes, i guess. and if anyone else wants to try it, i can probably help with some strategies for the earlier boss battles, as well as tactics for normal encounters.
  • How is that possible?? Without using the sphere grid you characters will be weak. Altought it sounds hard I will give it a try, it sounds like a fun challenge. I would say use your big gaurd overdrive and then when you are low on health I would use white wind.
  • .... That's almost impossible.... but there's always someone able to do it.... but against bosses it is really difficult for example... the Sinspawn from Operation Mi'ihen that boss is tough even with the characters powered up... and Powering up the Aeons... we only get the Aeon's Soul on the Calm Lands... It's is just too tough but we can get more experience as players..
  • People actually do this?! for fun? i dont think i could do it. some of the seymours i had to do a couple of times (although not the last one!) And the guardian of bevelle, Evrae. even with power-ups the game is tough. let me know how far u guys get. then ill see if i wanna try it.
  • how hard is it? did you beat the Luca Goers during the first tournament? that was easy compared to this. it took me about 10 tries to beat Evrae, but it is possible. Seymour on Mt. Gagazet is being even more of a problem, even with Yuna's Aeons.

    more tips:

    Biran and Yenke were of comparable strength to Kimahri, they're easy to beat using nothing but Lancet and attacks, but you can't steal any Lv. 3 Key Spheres. Biran had about 1,200 HP, Yenke had about 900 HP.

    play Blitzball at least long enough to win Wakka's Attack Reels overdrive. it does about 800 damage, but it's still worth having for the extractor battle. also look for Dark Matters in Blitzball prizes and try winning 1 or 2.

    Rikku's overdrives are extremely important, and beating the game the normal way to get all the Al Bhed Language Primers is a good idea, so Rin will give you 99 Underdog's Secrets before you fight Evrae. mix 2 of them to use Sunburst, which does 19,998 damage.

    Rikku should Steal as much as possible. Steal as many of the following items as you have the patience for, they'll be extremely helpful in a NSG game.

    Smoke Bombs (Zu and Alcyone, Bikanel Island)-Use during battles to blind enemies and cause about 500 damage
    Shadow Gems (Sand Worm, Bikanel Island)-reduce all enemies HP by half, works in most normal encounters
    Sleeping Powder/Dream Powder (Sand Wolf, Bikanel Island, also other dog-fiends)-Use during battles to put enemies to sleep and cause about 700 damage
    Grenades (most robots)-cause about 300 damage to groups of enemies
    Electro Marbles (Aerouge, Thunder Plains)-Use during battle for 600-1200 damage against single opponents
    Lightning Marbles (Aerouge/rare steal, Thunder Plains)-customize Lightningproof
    Dragon Scales (most underwater enemies, Via Purifico in Bevelle)-customize Waterproof
    Bomb Fragments (Bombs, before fighting Evrae on the airship, or the first battle in the Al Bhed Home)-customize Fireproof
    Ant/Arctic Winds (Ice Flan and Snow Flan, Macalania)-customize Iceproof

    during most battles, your first action should always be to Escape with one character. if everyone else dies, you can still continue on.

    give money to Oaka whenever you see him, as much gil as you can. buy Tidus' weapon with the First Strike ability when it shows up in Oaka's shop. use Formation to keep Tidus in the main party at all times, and Escape from battle first thing. nothing worse than a surprise attack from a Malboro, believe me.

    Aeons get increased stats for every certain number of battles. fight a lot, and use Aeons a lot.

    Yojimbo's Zanmato can kill anything, Magic Urns, Bosses, even the bosses in the battle arena. getting him to use it is another story...
  • yeh the guys who made tha game would probably be able to do it lol.....

    mite give it a try sometime...
  • Geez now that's what i CALL a HardCore Player....
  • :unsure: I cant see how that's possible. You would have crappy strength speed, and not to mention abilities. You have to stay with fire,blizzard, etc withh lulu. Also, your Hp would be at like 1000 the whole game. There are bosses that can kill your whole party in one hit w/ hp like that. If anyone can pull it off,(without cheating :angry: ) It would freak me out! :blink:
  • i'm at the battle with Seymour on Mt. Gagazet now, but i'm still working on how to get past him. i could build up Yojimbo's compatibility until i have a good chance for Zanmato or i can build up Bahamut's Strength to finish him off with one hit, but that would take too long. Return Spheres can be used to customize First Strike on weapons, so i should get three moves before he slaughters me.

    i didn't think i'd make it this far. i'm getting tips from others who are trying it.

    more tips-Rikku's Mix- Bomb Core + Dark Matter = Trio of 9999. i'm thinking of using that against Seymour, so Tidus' Slice and Dice overdrive will do more damage.
    Lunar Curtain + Lunar Curtain = Super Mighty G. this one saved me during the fight with Evrae.

    Power Spheres, Mana Spheres, and Speed Spheres Mix to make Frag Grenades. they do about 700 damage and cause Armor Break status.

    steal Lunar Curtains from Larvas in the Thunder Plains. steal Light Curtains from Iron Giants in the Thunder Plains.
  • When you dont use the sphere grid your hp never goes up so what happens when you encounter someone that attacks over 200? All of your characters would then die!
  • And against the Gatekeper when you going to enter Zanarkand Ruins and the Spectral Keeper and also the Ultima and Omega Weapon can "Waste" the party in one attack...
  • I think that this challenge would be incredibly tough, but maybe do-able. I've started over but I'm only like an hour into it. I might try it a little more. The only thing I can say is to hope for armor and weapons that really raise your stats and to save OFTEN!
  • i think that u wud be nutz to try that lol
  • i beat Seymour Flux. Yuna, Tidus, and Rikku. all Aeons had full overdrives. i used Ixion, Valefor, Ifrit, and Shiva, then it said 'Mortiorchis: Ready to Annihilate', so i summoned Bahamut and won. Seymour's Lance of Atrophy didn't cause Zombie or Curse, because it did 800 damage and KO'd whoever it hit. i used a Phoenix Down, then Seymour would cast a totally useless Full-Life. Yojimbo wouldn't cooperate, i decided not to use him. i'll be in Zanarkand by tomorrow.

    Oh, if you're considering doing this, i wouldn't suggest it unless you have loads of free time to waste. i'm doing it just to prove to myself that it's possible. i have to see things to believe them. but i'm having fun, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it.

    (EDIT) killed the Sanctuary Keeper, summoned Bahamut in overdrive, then survived long enough to finish him off in two hits, one for critical damage.

    killed the Spectral Keeper, used Rikku in full overdrive, Tidus, and Yuna, all their weapons have First Strike customized. Rikku's overdrive mode set on Stoic. Rikku's Mix - 2 Lunar Curtains for Mighty Guard. moved Tidus and Yuna behind him. skipped Tidus and Summoned Bahamut in overdrive. Bahamut did Mega-Flare then got KO'd. Spectral Keeper attacked, over 1,000 damage, but filled Rikku's overdrive. used Phoenix Down with Tidus, Summoned Ifrit in overdrive. after Ifrit was killed the Spectral Keeper had less than 20,000 HP, so Rikku's Mix - 2 Underdog's Secrets - Overkill.

    Yunalesca - got to her third form with no problem, but she bit me to he!!. going to try again later.
  • I also had problems against Yunalesca even with them upgraded 2 of my party did only get KO'd. only Auron stayed alive... She's lots of problems...
  • This is a spoiler, i think. If you haven't been to Zanarkand to obtain the Final Aeon yet, you might not want to read this.

    Beating Yunalesca with No Sphere Grid

    after you beat the Spectral Keeper, go fill everyone's overdrive meter. don't worry about the Aeons. you won't need them. leave the Chamber of the Fayth and go fight some robots if you need to fill the overdrives. you can get back in, no problem.
    get a Dark Matter item. it appears as a prize in the Blitzball tournaments. if you don't prepare in advance, you'll have to go to the nearest save sphere with the Play Blitzball option available, and that's all the way back in the Calm Lands.
    get Wakka's Attack Reels overdrive. it also appears as a Blitzball prize.
    make sure you have Tidus' Slice and Dice overdrive.
    get a Bomb Core. you should have one or two by now. i had 14, but don't remember where i got them.
    get lots of Phoenix Downs and Holy Water.
    get one or two of the elemental gems. Fire Gem, Lightning Gem, etc.
    First Strike on everyone's weapons helps you get the drop on Yunalesca. use Return Spheres to customize them. Auto-Haste helps as well, but you need Chocobo Wings, and they're hard to get.

    Starting the fight
    use Rikku's Mix overdrive to combine a Dark Matter and a Bomb Core. this casts Trio of 9999 on the party. when Wakka and Tidus get their turns, switch them with another party member. they have to survive until Yunalesca switches forms. the first person should switch with anyone except Kimahri. Auron is good because of his high HP. the second person should switch with Kimahri. use Kimahri's Mighty Guard overdrive.
    Yunalesca starts off slowly. she counters physical attacks with Blind, and magical attacks with Sleep. only use defend until it's Rikku's turn, then Use the Lightning/Fire/Water/Ice Gem. it should be enough to defeat Yunalesca's first form. if she's still alive, hit her again.

    Yunalesca's second form
    switch Tidus in and use his Slice and Dice overdrive. 'nuff said.

    Staying alive
    Yunalesca's Hellbiter attack causes Zombie status and 200-300 damage to everyone. she starts casting Regen and Cura on the team, so if you cure the Zombie status she'll be healing you. cure it with Holy Water, but make sure at least one person still has Zombie status when you kill Yunalesca's second form. her third form casts Mega Death and this will kill everyone except those with Zombie status. if Mega Death kills two characters, switch in Wakka and end the battle. if it kills them all, you get to see the Game Over screen.

    Ending the battle
    when Yunalesca shows her big, ugly third form and uses Mega Death, switch in anyone who survived with Wakka. use his Attack Reels overdrive. line up three 2's and you'll do more than enough damage to cause overkill.
  • Geezz..... Still juggleknot did you manage to beat Sin or Ultima or Omega Weapon..??
  • since i had Lulu's Celestial Weapon when i fought Sin's head, i just summoned Shiva and did her overdrive when i'd lowered Sin's HP to less than 50,000. Shiva's overdrive does about 70,000 now but i've been capturing monsters for the Battle Arena. i have at least one of everything, the hardest monster to capture was the Spirit in Omega Ruins.
    i have defeated Ultima Weapon, but i used the Magus Sisters. their Delta Attack overdrive only did 15,000 damage, i should have used Shiva.
    Yuna had close to 90 sphere levels when i reached Mt. Gagazet the first time.
    i've been learning different overdrives in the NSG game, like Daredevil, Avenger, Dancer. i'd never seen or heard of them until i started this game.
    i've noticed something else, there seems to be a way to control which character throws the blitzball for Tidus when he does his Blitz Ace overdrive. i didn't talk to Lulu during my first visit to Guadosalam and now Rikku tosses the ball, but Lulu does it if Rikku is KO'd. i'm not sure, but maybe Yuna tosses the ball if you say nice things about her during your conversations with Wakka and Lulu?

    as for Braska's Final Aeon, i'm still not ready. i'm sure i can beat him, it's just he wasted me so easily the first time, this time i'm getting powered up. still No Sphere Grid though.
  • When I fought Dark Valefor... Lulu tossed the Blitzball to me... but after defeating Dark Shiva and Getting Anima... Yuna began tossing the Blitzball when I use Blitz Ace...