Question regarding ps3 2.36 s/w
  • dear friends,

    1 flashed my ps3 from 2.10. to 2.36 but in the sound settings i could not DTA MA listed on it, i am aware that the 2.35 s/w added this capability to it.

    also when i try to play via a external flash drive a wma file thta ps3 displays that under settings i should enable "wma" but when i go into settings and try to enable wma i get the same error no i.e dns error 80710102 when i try connecting to my wireless router it says: ip address found internet : failed


  • Firmware 2.35 only made some improvements to the stability of some selected PlayStation titles, Faiz. To be honest, many people have been having trouble with the DTA MA audio format. It seems it's pretty much impossible to get it working on the PS3 at the moment. I would suggest another HD audio format, if you can use one...?

    You can't play WMA files yet because you need to be connected to the internet. You have a wireless router, correct? I would suggest getting all of the settings numbers (IP address, DNS servers etc) and entering them into your PS3 manually. Also, try a quick powercycle of your router before trying to connect back to the internet after you've entered these settings in(powercycle= unplug the router for around about a minute then turn it back on). Once you're connected to the internet and ready to go, you will then be able to enable WMA. You will have to go through an authentication procedure after enabling it (just follow the on-screen instructions), but you will be good to go from there...:)
  • thanks for you reply Rob
    i guess will take a chill pill on the dts ma (i was quite excited and was one of the reasons why i bought the ps3 to match up to my nad pre processor)

    also if you could confirm that inspite of the upgrade to 2.36 the dts ma does not appear in the list of sound formats available in the sound setting of the ps3 is this normal


  • They've probably scrapped it for the time being, Faiz. A bit too much bother compared to other top-end sound formats, maybe...? Don't rule it out for the future though.