• Well, as you all know the PAL version has got a sidequest... defeat the Dark Aeons... And they're more difficult than any other boss and I would like to know how to beat them... And I also would like to know what the Special Dark Aeon (Penance) looks like and where does it appear...

    I already defeated Dark Valefor and I already tried to fight them but I get Killed really easy and my Yuna has more than 9999 HP, but it's useless.. so does anyone knows how to beat them? ;)
  • I personally haven't fought them, but they can't be as hard as the monster trainer's original monsters. But try to go in with full overdrives, gain levels, etc. etc. you get it right? Oh. I've also heard that the Dark Magus Sisters have over 9,000,000 HP. Good luck to anyone who tries this.
  • Okay,... I got plenty of them defeated and only 3 are alive... and I'm getting some probs specialy with Dark Anima and Dark Yojimbo... so Any one who has defeated any of these 2 (I doubt) I would like to know a tactic that may work against them...
  • ok Massaki you need to have Yojimbo and then enter the battle against any of them two Dark Aeons(or any other Dark Aeons)bring out Yojimbo(make sure that his overdrive is at full)and pray to God that he uses Zanmato because it is only Zanmato that can kill a Dark Aeon in one hit! :D
    ps:I have beaten Dark Anima,Dark Valefor,Dark Bahamut,Dark Shiva,Dark Ifrit,Dark Yojimbo and I'm still stuck on the Dark Magus Sisiters so I'll put it in order.
    1)Get Yojimbo.
    2)Have his Overdrive at max or Yuna's Overdrive.
    3)Just hope that he usees Zanmato.

    and in those three steps a Dark Aeon is gone he he hope I helped :D
  • ...That does not helps... I already tried to defeat dark anima by doing zanmato I paid him 3.5 MILIION GIL!!! And he used Wakizashi... for Yojimbo you have to battle him 5 Times and having the overdrive won't help nothing...
  • Every Aeon has a week point. Think first of the elements. ex: ifrit is fire so summon Shiva
    Also thing of power fight the most powerfull first. Then summon you most powerfull aeon. (Should be Anima. ) The first couple are pushovers. but thier streingth depends largely on how powerful your aeons are. ex: if shiva has 5000 hp then the dark Shiva will have at least 10,000 it's always at least doubled unless your sickiningly powerful. WARNING! When you beat all the aeons you fight Yevon. He is pretty easy if you kill the floating pilliars first. (they heal the bastard!)
    BTW to beat the sisters kill the little bee sister first she heals. Now you might be tempted to go after the fat one DON'T!!!! Kill the red one first. She will revive the others with full life. Keep your hp up. the fat one always seems to go after the person with the most damage. Yuna's hp don't mean a thing. Have your aeons learn damage limit break. (The magus sisters rocks with this one. easy 50,000 damage with a REGULAR HIT! Think of the damage for a Tri-Beam attack! Oh yeah!)
  • Im gonna straighten this out once and all, because i am sick of people saying; dark aeons have only double your normal aeons health. That is the stupidest thing ive ever heard. Yu Yevon is not after those aeons, those aeons are possessed aeons, not dark aeons. Dark aeons have, at least, 800 000 and go upwards to 10 000 000 hp, not a piddly little 10 000 health.

    Using Yojimbo/Zanmato combination is a good way to kill dark aeons, but in my opinion it leaves no satisfaction. And you also need a lot of luck, and a lot of combatibility to Yojimbo to get Yojimbo. Use your money on better things.

    To Massaki, not easy is it. Lol. Im currently levelling up so i can beat those dark aeons. Ok, about penance, from what i heard he is really hard.
    Penance is found in the airship directory, once you have killed all of the dark aeons enough times needed.
    I think you may need to level up a bit more, and summon your aeons to take the hits and to attack, also, try and have them at really strong levels. 255 strength, defense, etc etc.

    To Zell, there is no chance that the Dark aeons are easier than original monsters in the monster arena. They are really easy to kill compared to Dark aeons in my opinion.
  • Well I don't need more help I already kicked their butts... And I thank you for all your help...
  • I'm sure if you have a Yuna with a lot of HP you should have Holy right? Well Holy always works. If you don't have Holy,then edit your sphere grid. B)
  • If the Dark Aeons are as powerful as Massaki has said before then i'm sure that even Holy wouldn't work against them. I'll have to give it a try whenever i have a chance to play that version of the game. Also, thread is now closed since Massaki has beat down the Dark Aeons. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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