rainbow 6 three question?
  • Hi my hubby likes the raibow 6 and he cant get pasta certain part of the game. There is a room where you are not allowed to be shot or seen. You have to place a bug in the computer and phone, what is the cheat to be invisable in that room so he can get past it?
  • There is no invisibility cheat (or any other cheat) for the game- the trick in this section (up until completing the computer hack) is stealth. Moving slowly and quietly is the key. Your mini map has the terrorist positions marked on it so you will know where they are. This is especially important when sneaking past the guy in the living room watching soccer. He can hear you upstairs if you make too much noise so even then take it slow and careful.

    Once the phone is bugged on the second floor open the door at the other side of the room and peek out. You should soon see a guard patrolling. Once he is down the hall a good bit and walking away from you come out of the room and sneak down behind him. Check the map and when his red dot turns the corner you can turn the other way without being seen.