Coloured Ps2's
  • At the moment alot of the PS2's as competition prizes are in colours such as yellow, blue, green & red that I have seen. They say they are limited edition, but I heard the rumour that when they release GT concept, they will release the coloured PS2's in the same pack.

    i.e. GT concept and coloured PS2 in the one box

    Is this true?? Can anyone help me out??

    At the moment I use my sisters PS2 and am about to shell out for my own, but if they are going to release a different coloured PS2 in a GT concept pack I would hold off.

    Help please ;)
  • well i only saw red p2sand i aske mi sisters b/f about it and he said thay are only in japan...
  • As of this time, I can find no information confirming the release of a colored PS2 and GT Concept as a "package". After checking on SONY's official website, it looks as if the rumor you heard may just be that.
  • About a year ago or so, someone (I think it was KiLLa) had a picture of 5 different coloured PS2's in his personal portrait ( something that i think was scrapped a while ago. Basically, it allowed you to put a picture of yourself in your member info screen ). After that, i've heard nothing about them. Mabye they were an evperiment by SONY or something.

  • No, they're only limited edition and those boxes given out as prizes were more than likely purchased out of the original 500k that were made in Japan......If they do decide to release them in PAl regions then i will let you know. I have searched through many sites and everything says that you won't be seeing them. I haven't been able to confirm through Sony yet though so you can keep a little hope for now, until they're dashed on the rocks below. I am going to close this thread since the answer has been given and i will update you if more info is given to me. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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