• Hey, I'm new around here.

    I just got internet connection in my basement, so I can finally go online with PS3. But my PS3 was in a different room, hooked up to a TV with an HDMI cable. So i moved the PS3 to the basement, where the Internet connection is working fine (I was using it on my Wii). Then I put in Rock Band and a blank screen comes up, which is unusual, and then Rock Band starts. Rock Band is working perfectly, so I go try out online play on it. I try to do so, and it says I have to sign up for Playstation Network. I know that to do this, I have to exit the game and go to the main PS3 menu. So i try to do this, and it exits rock band and the screen goes blank. So I try taking out the game, and turning on the PS3. The screen simply went blank, nothing happened. And there is a yellow light flashing like crazy on the bottom of the PS3 that I have never seen before.
    What I figure is happening is that the starting menu is there, but I just can't see it. Because when Rock Band was in, and the game went blank, I pressed X the game started up again.

    By the way, the TV I'm using is a Toshiba Regza.

  • That flashing light is the indicator that the hard drive is being accessed- that's normal.

    As for the main screen not showing, the problem may be due to the main PS3 screeen is showing in a resolution the tv isn't able to handle (say, it can do up to 720p but the PS3 was going to 1080i on the other tv for the main menu). The game shows fine because it plays at 720p. Your Toshiba probably only goes as high as that so when it can't do 1080i it just ignores the signal.

    Easy fix, though- get the PS3 into standby mode (red light below the power button) then hold the power button on the PS3 itself until you hear a second beep (takes about 5 seconds or so). This will make the PS3 detect what settings the tv can do and will work with it.