MGS4 Act 5a - Ships Bow walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Ships Bow Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 5a

    This is undeniably a horrible area. Once you've gained control, you will be automatically instated with a caution. On top of that, Haven Troopers and Gekkos alike are patrolling both levels. The best way to advance through this area is by remaining cool, although you are prompted to panic and might start to shoot everything you see.

    When you have control, equip the MK.II. Once you've done that, crawl to the ship's eastern side, which is to your left. Then, follow the path and crawl your way through. When you see a couple of Haven Troopers that are walking towards you, shoot them. It would be best to shoot the one that is behind the other in order to avoid being suspected. After knocking down the two, proceed towards the side of the ship. After that, a couple more Haven Troopers will show up from the second floor and will be directly in front of you. You have to take these two out as well.

    Continue on with this path until you get to the two Haven Troopers' bodies. When another trooper walks towards Snake's direction, they might turn suspicious once they see the body. Therefore, knock her out quickly with a headshot, then wait for a while. After that, two more troopers patrol the area but simply wait until they have fully passed you by. When you near the body of your last victim, another trooper will come up from farther down so you have to knock her down too.

    This is the point wherein there's a whole lot of trouble waiting for you if you should falter. At the south end of the bow, which is in front of the porthole you must enter, there's a Gekko roaming around. However, your task as of right now is to be able to get to the exit. In front of you are crates and a large cylindrical tank labeled with