MGS4 Act 5b - Command Center walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Command Center Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 5b

    Before you proceed to the door, get the ammo in the first room. Then, a cinematic will start to play. After you've regained control, take out any Haven Troopers you see as you try to get out of the center circle. Although you have to keep guard on Meryl, it is difficult staying close to her with a swarm of enemies attacking from various directions, whether on the first or second floor. From behind the computers, you can take cover as you will prevent anyone from being able to hit you with their gunshots. There is a stair that is perpendicular to the rows, therefore you must stay close to that just in case a group of Haven Troopers show up and attempt to attack Snake. That stair will be your way out of there. After the first wave of attacks, more Haven Troopers will show up on the balcony above. These troopers will attacks from a distance, so you must stay behind the computers as you try to knock them out one at a time. While doing this, make sure that you keep an eye on anyone trying to attack you from the ground.

    After you've wiped out all the Haven Troopers from the balcony, a small team of enemies will try to put a final stop to you, attacking from the second floor. Before this ensues, make sure to have full health and psyche, so you that you can knock them all out as you prepare for another boss battle.

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