MGS4 BOSS - how to beat Mantis
  • Guide to Beating the Mantis boss in Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots


    How to kill Mantis in Metal gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

    If you've played the original Metal Gear Solid, then this boss should be quite familiar. The Screaming Mantis is more like a watered down version of the Psycho Mantis. However, this one uses her powers to control people's action, so don't even try dodging her attacks or doing anything to keep her from reading your mind.

    Now that you've learned that, you must be able to figure out your point of attack. After that, you'd learn that this fight isn't really quite tough to beat.

    During Mantis' first wave of attack and if you're at the center of the area, run towards the computer for cover. If you attempt to shoot her, you might notice that the crosshairs won't focus on your target. Immediately call Otacon when this happens.

    Let's just say Mantis do not possess telekinetic powers, maybe she has the ability to manipulate and control people's nanomachines. Therefore, you have to find something that will counteract her power, or else this battle will immediately slip off your fingers. Just like you did previously, equip your syringes and thrust it to your neck until the strings around your body vanishes.

    Then, you can go back to fighting her but you have to pause for a while, after you've noticed that your attacks haven't been successful. However, if your stray bullets manage to hit the Psycho Mantis doll hanging on her right side, you will notice that this will cause her tremendous pain.

    If you see anything like that, then it is definitely a good sign because you now know where her weak point is. So, focus your shots on that doll. And because Mantis will not attack for herself, she will call out some Haven Troopers but they won't be too aggressive at this point. From the computer, keep attacking and shooting the Mantis doll until a cutscene will play in the middle of your battle.

    Meryl also now gets into the action, and while trying to kill the Haven Troopers, you must also worry about trying to keep Meryl alive. Screaming Mantis will take advantage of this opportunity and use Meryl as a human shield by having her shoot you.

    So, you must inject her with the syringe to free her from Mantis and keep her out of the battle. Now that Meryl is no longer involved, you can focus solely on attacking her Psycho Mantis doll until the second cutscene starts to play.

    This is when Screaming Mantis gives it all she's got against Snake, by ordering the Haven Troopers to keep attacking and using anyone, even Meryl, as a shield for the doll. This won't be much of a problem however, as you can simply use a syringe on Meryl whenever she gets involved. And once you've caused enough damage on the doll, it will fall off to the ground.

    Then, run towards the fallen doll and grab it. Meanwhile, if you want a bonus item, you must shoot another doll, the Sorrow doll, which is on Mantis' left side until it falls to the ground. This doll works the same way as the Mantis doll, however it gives you control over dead guys. Amazing indeed!

    Now that you have the Psycho Mantis doll with you, you must fire a nanomachine-controlling blast at Screaming Mantis