MGS4 Act 4a - Snowfield and Heliport walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Snowfield and Heliport Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 4a

    Heliport 98

    You will discover that one of Snake's flashbacks is actually playable, so that you are able to control Snake during those MGS1 days. Behind the storage container, dash to the right and use the second container on the snowy hill as cover.

    When a genome soldier passes by, he will look around the place so you have to wait until he moves on towards down the row so you can go into the building. Because there is a surveillance camera, wait until it is focused on the opposite direction so you can step right in front of it. Then, Snake will pause and say, “A surveillance camera!?” as it surveys the entire area.

    After that, continue to go up the stairs, which is near where the camera is. Then, lean against the wall on the left to check if there are any more genome soldiers around. If there is, wait until he goes back to the left side of the building, or you can rush towards the ventilation shaft and crawl through it. When you get inside the Shadow Moses facility, that would mean the end of the flashback and Snake will be waken up by Otacon.

    Snowfield and Heliport

    When you start, you must check the area for some ammo before proceeding west via the narrow neck of the area. And when you reach the second half of the snowfield, you must use Solid Eye's night vision so you know what's going on. There's a Gekko patrolling below from where Snake is standing on.

    Once you've picked up the ammo, slide down the bank and stay still to keep from being spotted. Then crawl through the northern wall, but make sure to be aware of where the Gekkos are. When you reach the exit, wait until the Gekkos head east so you can leave via the bottleneck area. Then a Metal Gear theme, The Best Is Yet To Come, will start to play.

    Follow this path to the heliport, which has been abandoned and ruined. There's not much enemies in the area so you can take the time to gather any items you can find. In the helipad, there's some chaff grenades which you can use later one. Meanwhile, behind the storage containers against the east wall is a ration.

    Other new items you can find include various grenades and RPG ammo, and they are located in the storage sheds at the heliport's west side. If you want some audio flashbacks, try checking out areas like the elevator.

    Otacon tells you that the tank hanger's front door is open. However, if you are a true fan of the game, you know that the ventilation shaft in the second floor is the only way for you to enter the Shadow Moses. So make sure to climb up the stairs and crawl around to get there. Also, you may want to listen to an introduction of “MacDonald Miller” from the first game.

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