MGS4 Act 4b - Tank Hanger and Canyon walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Tank Hanger and Canyon Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 4b

    When you get inside, crawl to the right until you reach the end, and that's when you should stop and check out the several grates you get to pass by. You will also find another iPod song at the end. Because the ladder where you can climb on has been destroyed, Snake can just slide out and hang from the vent. Once you've made sure that the floor is clear, drop down.

    During your last visit, you have spotted the genome soldier patrolling the tank hanger. But you will realize that he's been replaced by Dwarf Gekkos, and they will shoot at you. Normally, Dwarf Gekkos really don't pose a threat as they are easy to handle, however they come in packs within an area. You may also want to look around the rooms to find more items, but it's just not worth the risk so reserve that for later. And while the canyon entrance is just below you, you can jump over the fence and drop down. Then, sneak out to prevent a Dwarf Gekko from seeing you.

    Once you're at the canyon, Snake will remember Grey Fox's introduction. Then, you can look around the southeast corner for some RPG rounds and 5.56 x 45mm ammo. Although the area seems empty at first, you will later realize after close inspection that there are a couple of dormant Gekkos around, one on each side of the canyon. When you get a little too close to one of them, Otacon will say something about how he thinks that the drives must be shot. However, if you get much closer, they will get back to life and start patrolling the area, so you must be careful. By remaining still, you will camouflage and won't be seen. Gathered any items and proceed to the nuclear storage facility.

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