MGS4 Act 4c - Nuclear Warhead Storage Building walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Nuclear Warhead Storage Building Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 4c

    Luckily for you, the nuclear storage facility lacks both humans and machines. Hence, you can use your weapons without anyone getting in your way.

    Then, you'll receive a call from Otacon telling you to proceed through the door at the northern end. Then, Otacon and Snake will reminisce about making use of the secret passage located on the commander's office. As you go back, get in the back of the truck as you pick up the FIM-92A missile launcher and the other boxes of ammo lying around. Then, proceed to the door and try to open it with the switch on the right.

    However, you will find out that it's locked. Otacon will again call you to say that you must head over to his old office and login there so you can open the door and look through the records on what has transpired on the base recently. You will also get the password to his computer