MGS4 Act 4d - Blast Furnace and Casting Facility walkthrough
  • Guide to completing the Blast Furnace and Casting Facility Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots mission - Act 4d

    Because the blast furnace has been switched off, no need to worry about burning yourself or warming any keys. Dwarf Gekkos will be your problem at this point, however.

    From the entrance, proceed to the blast furnace and towards west along the first catwalk. Then, hug the wall to get across the narrow ledge. When you reach the opposite side, take the stairs down and examine the door in the northeast corner. Because it is locked, Otacon will inform you to take the other exit, which is located at the northwest corner.

    So, turn around and go back up to the third fllow and then down from the catwalk to the ground level. Make sure to avoid the Dwarf Gekkos as you do this. Then, take the elevator to the B5 basement.

    When you get inside the casting facility, stay in the elevator so the Gekkos won't see you. As soon as the Gekko turns around, take the south wall easy and go straight up, but cross over to the room's western side before you enter the casting facility's northern portion. While you're doing all this, take note of where the Gekkos are.

    Not only are there more Gekkos in the northern half, there are also more Dwarf Gekkos patrolling the area. And that certainly makes things more complicated. So, make sure to stay on the west side of the facility as you slowly make your way north, while utilizing the various mechanical equipment you find all over to cover from the Gekkos. Towards the end of this side, you will find three Dwarf Gekkos patrolling a small strip.

    Meanwhile, one of them must be passed through before you can get to the exit. As soon as they finish patrolling the west wall and they will roll towards the other end, so you can quickly run across and hide behind a large piece of equipment that has a ration in it between it and the wall. After that, you must cross over to the eastern side without any of the Gekkos spotting you.

    Then, wait for the Gekko to walk towards south and climb onto the conveyor belts. Now, as you do this, you have to continually keep an eye on the Gekkos on the other side as well. When they're not looking towards you, quickly jump down and rush to the exit. Use the ladder to go down and exit through the door leading to the underground base.

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  • So here is a quick under 1 min way of getting past the gekkos after you reach the section that octagon tell you runs north and south ..

    stay in the elevator as the door opens the gekos hass its back to you. you can
    a run right or i prefer to shoot the gekkos inthe leg with an anesthetic shot Mk2 if falls like a brick. run right and go straight up towards the north or the south end i dont remember . immedietly go left on the belt. crouch past the first gekko to get to the other side of the belt. shoot the gekkos in the leg again and run and roll over the dwarf gekkos towards your right into the little doorway. jump down quick to avoid any alerts.
    next when you see the little dwarf gekko move follow it immedietly and jump over to get to the end ... this all takes about 2 mins tops.