Starter Kit Help Please
  • Help please! I got the starter kit and did what the instructions said with the CD but when i tried to save my game it said no memory card in slot and it was !
  • Unfortunately the MC that comes with the starter kit isn't of a good quality and many times it will not work. I do not recommend using the starter kit from Interact because it's not reliable at all. If you're still able to then i'd highly recommend taking it back to the store you bought it at and either exchanging it or getting something else which would be worth your money. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • yeah mad is right.Thay might give you more space but i wount buy one.Hey mad or and one out there.Do you know how muck a sony 8meg memcard is,couse i might get one on my b-day???
  • The current price going on the official Sony 8 MB card is around $25,mikey.I've been thinking of getting another one myself as well-some of those saves take up a good bit of space (not to mention the DVD driver with the Sony DVD remote).
  • [b]Wow - they are cheaper for you than for us then! The official Sony cards retail here at
  • Excuse my ignorance but what the f
  • A Starter Kit is from Interact and it includes one Dual Impact 2(or one of those other not so good controllers, can't remember for sure), a 16MB memory card(that you're lucky if it works), Memory Card Manager(which compresses data on cards but isn't all that good), and basically that's it i think. It's from Interact though so you can guess how worth it this $50 kit is. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yes, unfortunately this is a common question here at API (in regards to non-functioning memory cards); and 95% of the time the problem lies with the inferior memory cards available to the consumer.

    For whatever reason, the architecture of a memory card isn't overly complex, but third-party manufacturers of such products just can't seem to get it right.

    Can you get more for less? Sure you can......but the more is in quantity NOT quality.

    In my neck of the woods, a PS1 memory card goes for around $14 - 18, and a PS2 memory card is roughly $25 dollars......and yes, that may seem expensive when all you have is $30 in your pocket......but then again, have you ever tried to load a game that you have been playing for weeks or months just to get a "unable to load memory card" message?

    If you ever do, you'll never hunt the "bargains" again.
  • Hear!, Hear!, O Dark One

    Mine is a story of which you spoke. When I first started gaming with my PSX, I figured a memory card is a memory card, so I went the cheap route.
    Big Mistake! after loading the card, I was unable to use what had been put on it, the PSX didn't recognize the card, or some such crap, and my gamesaves were wasted. To boot, the cheap-ass card fell apart after extracting it from the slot and fell in three pieces onto the floor.

    Although they cost more, Sony cards are "the only way to fly."
  • I have an Interact card...a 360 block piece that the g-ps bought for one of those b-days long forgotten....They actually bought a crappy 1080(or something like that) but it was defective so i took it back got the 360 and got a nice little Orange translucent Sony card.....gotta love the translucent ones....anyway, i have only had one prob with the Interact card but that's one more than i have ever had with my Official Sony accessories, including controllers and what not. The moral of the story? Buy Sony, more money in this case means more quality. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • The only non-official memory card i own was a limited edition 1 meg 'Driver' card. Various saves of the game were already on each slot and given it was less than half the price of a normal 1 meg card and looked funky - i thought i'd give it a whirl. I got rid of all but one saves and used it as a normal memory card.

    All the time i used it i never had any problems with it, but when i decided to go retro on my PS2 and need a save from it - the PS2 would not even acknowledge its existence. Luckily i still have my PSX knocking about, so there wasn't a problem.

    If ya want reliability and consistency - the official stuff is the only way to go.