looks can be deceiving
  • I came across some pictures in OPM of the new prince of persia game and the new look of it did not impress me at all,having bought the last ones on the PS2 i was quite looking forward to buying this one.
    Based on the pictures in OPM there was no way i was buying it but then i came across the video of it and i was just blown away the graphics didnt look
    anything like the pictures in the mag so on what i saw i will be buying it after all.......... may rent it first though ;) .
  • Yes, the look can be a bit off-putting in the early stills but it looks so much better in motion (especially when watching the debut trailer on the PS3 from the PlayStation Store). The dynamic of working with Elika to pull of some of the more difficult moves looks somewhat intriguing as well. I'll definitely be checking this one out too.
  • They've changed it a lot from the old PS2 formula. I like the style of the new graphics though, and the gameplay looks very interesting. I'll be giving this a go too...!