Metal Gear Solid 2
  • Does anyone know if something special happens @ the end of mgs 2 like the bandana or atuxedo or anything like on the 1st one?????? :ph34r:
  • I'm pretty sure there's more than one thing, but I think it depends on how many times you've finished the game. The first time I beat it I got a digital camera (It lets you take photos and save them to the memory card). Sure it doesn't do anything useful but I like to keep a record of how good my aim is (it's funny to see guards with tranquilizers in thier eye).
  • Simply finishing the game once will get you the digital camera. I forget exactly how many you need for each item but here it goes...

    Around 30 on the Tanker level will get you the Bandana.
    Around 60 on the Tanker level will get you the Stealth Camoflauge.

    Around 45 on the Plant level will get you the Brown Wig. (infinite ammo)
    Around 60 on the Plant level will get you the Stealth Camoflauge.

    Like I said these numbers are estimates, I will do some searching around for ya and come up with some accurate numbers for ya.

    Edit: Bandana: After you've got 30 to 40 of the dog tags from the
    Tanker, you will unlock the Bandana.

    Stealth Camoflauge: Is unlocked after about 60 dog tags from the Tanker. Raiden gets it after 120 tags from the Plant.

    Brown Wig: This is Raidens "bandana". You need 80 dog
    tags from the Plant.

    Orange Wig: After about 170 dog tags in the Plant unlock the orange wig.
    Where this item in order to have a never depleting grip gauge.

    Blue Wig: You pretty much need every dog tag in the game in order to unlock this item. With this wig equipped your O2 gauge will not deplete.

    Also any other Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty can be posted in this Forum here.

    Hope I helped.
  • I didn't know the exact numbers but i know what you got. So far ive got the brown wig on the shell, and both items on the tanker. As for numbers, id just suggest you try to get them all. B)
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