• :ph34r: does anyone know if the ps2 comes with the cord (i think it is called the av adapter)that can make the controller vibrate?? :ph34r:
  • You shouldn't need any extra hardware. Check that you have the vibration function turned on in the game you are playing. Other than that I wouldn't know what the problem could be.
  • The ps2 already comes with a dual shock controller but if you already bought a ps2 and the controller doesn't vibrate make sure the game supports the dual shock controller.If it doesn't then there will be no vibration during game play.If the game does support it then go to the option screen of that game and turn on vibration.Hope this helped if not pm me and i'll try to help you out :)
  • there is many wasy that the controler wount vibrate
    1.make shoure in the game menu it's on
    2.maks shoure you push the button on your controler for it to work
    3.it mught be messed up
  • The AV adapter is the connection that is used to plug the PS2 into your tv which comes with your system. The Console is shipped with the AV adapter, AC Plug, Console, and one Dual Shock 2 controller. Dual Shock 2 comes standard and all the buttons are analog which is a very nice feature. You will want to follow instructions in the game to make sure that your controller is working correctly. If through your troubleshooting, the controller doesn't turn out to have a fixable problem then you will need to purchase a new Dual Shock 2 analog controller which is $24.99Usd. and just to let you know, it's in a yellow package. I shall be closing this thread now as your question has been answered. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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