How to beat the quest, Gone Fishin' for Monster Hunter Freedom 2
  • Hi, i just wanted to know how to beat the Quest Gone Fishin', because in the quest it says to deliver 2 goldenfish. I then go out and and catch 2 small golden fish and it wont let me put them in the box. Is there a fish that is just a golden Fish? and could you tell me where to locate them in the desert so i can beat the quest?
  • Yeah they must be the wrong size, osufan. The Goldenfish you need, needs to be around the same size as a Springnight carp or an Arrowana- so not a Small Goldenfish i take it.;)

    I also recommend using Goldenfish bait to go fishing in this quest. It saves having to tackle all of the other fish while swimming. Goldenfish bait is made by combining 2 Snakebee Larva and 2 fireflies. These can be found in the Pokke Farm or bought via the Red Cat Merchant.

    Good luck...;)