forgot email to unused ps2 account
  • I used to own a ps2 when my father bought me a xbox 360. I played and loved BF2 for ps2 thats all I played. When Battlefield bad company rolled around it gave the option for recognizing you in old Battlefield games. It required a BF2 Login Name which is (FoxTrot 5) and a password. Password ???? thats my only problem, so I tried to recover password but forgot email ????. So I am stuck not knowing what to do so I come to you guys at playstation network for help. I think the email was [email][/email] but Its been years. If you cant help I understand. Thank you:)
  • If you still have that e-mail address active I would try using that in the password recovery. Your instincts are probably right about the address you are thinking of being the one.

    If that address is no longer active you may be out of luck as the resend would go to the e-mail registered on there.