• hey all
    i just got up to where you meet Seymor again after Tidus, Rikku and Wakka were in the water and the others were somewhere else, lol.
    Kimahri gets left behind, but then stupidly we all decide to go back and help him defeat what Seymor has turned into.
    Ok this is what is botherin me, he is much more powerful than I am, and can pretty much beat me in a couple of turns with that little pet of his.
    What is a pretty good way to overpower him, he has like 36000HP, woah.
    :o Which players should I use and what abilities work the best?
  • To tell the truth Seymour Natus.. is not as strong as he looks, he may have lots of HP but if you attack his pet he will lose 4000 of HP, here it is another way get the overdrives of the characters and the Aeons, cast Hastega if you have to attack a lot more than him. If you feel that your characters are weak just keep evolving them with the warrior monks and the machina that appear they give a good amount of AP.... Well, hope this helps...
  • I'd like to remember that Bio is very effective every time you fight Seymor. It helps a lot casting Bio and watching Seymor loosing HP every time he attacks. B)
  • Just go in with your overdrives full and cast Hastega. This strategy works for any boss. Also, if Kimahri has mighty guard try using it, and Rikku's mix ability can be deadly if you use it right. Hope this helps you leasha16.
  • what i did was...that my rikku had only 400 hp. and he always did hit rikku..
    and i don`t know why but always in every turn i got an overdrive when he hit 400. i gave pheionix down to her and then the best overdrive....i don`t remember which 2 substances but you try... i know its gonna work... it no hard.. and after you beat that aeon of his. brin your aeon the very next turn becouse seymour is not dead. he`ll wake up and kill kill kill.
  • Hey wasif, your talking about the wrong Seymour. The one your talking about is the first Seymour, the one leasha is talking about is the second Seymour.

    What you do, cast Hastega on your characters (if you have it of course). Get all your aeons really strong and in overdrive. Use them when you need them. And, when they are gone attack his petty thingie, whatever, you wanna attack that so that they suck the enemies health. I usually do this because Seymour has usually cast protect on himself.
  • The thing about fighting seymour is that some of his forms are predictable and others arent. The first and last are easy to predict but this one and the Mt. Gagazet arent.His attack patterns change. I say just use overdrives. Also, haver a lot of softs cuz hell petrify then break you. I dont know any strategies really cuz i just ran up and beat him 1st or 2nd try. Just use haste and overdrives.