ps3 hangs after 2.4 update
  • Hi all,

    I downloaded and installed the 2.40 update this morning, and since then, the ps3 begins to boot displaying the Playstation name and orchestral music, then hangs before displaying the XMB.

    I have a teal screen with a lovely swirling smokey effect and that's it. When I hit the PS button on either controller, it flashes and then turns off after 2 or 3 seconds.

    Any suggestions? Am I truly boned?
  • Weird...? Sounds like your PS3 has ran into a problem concerning the update. Are you sure you did not turn off the PS3 system at any time during the installation process/ when it says 'do not turn off the PS3 system'...?

    I think the only option would be with you contacting Sony. Explain to them what has happened, and if it is through no fault of your own they should replace your PS3 free of charge. If you are under their one year warranty policy you will get a free replacement anyway.
  • Sluggo, I've found out that you are far from alone on this- quite a few have been having this problem after the update. So much so, they have now removed the update from their servers. Anyone trying for it now will get the "your system already has the latest version" message.

    As for what you can do, the guys at Joystiq contacted Sony directly about this. PR Director Patrick Seybold responded by saying they are looking into it and will work with customers directly to fix the problem. So, i would suggest contact Sony's tech support and talk to them- considering it was their firmware that did this those that are out of warranty may find themselves getting free repairs if it comes down to sending the system in.
  • Thanks for the responses guys. No, didn't turn off the PS3 at any time during the process. The problem was first noticed after the PS3 rebooted itself after the update was installed. Lyndon, I'll be contacting Sony support today to see what they can do for me (especially if it's true that their update is breaking more PS3s than just mine.)

    I'll keep this thread updated on any resolutions Sony offers.