• Hi there

    Had a PS3 for 3 or 4 months now. Just had the internet (virgin media) fitted.
    folowed the instructions but it won't find the server. I have a wireless router and the PS3 set to wireless. I can find the router and conect to it no problems. When I run a conection test at the end of the network settings it says conection was succesfull but I need to update. When I then go to sistems update the PS3 gets between 0 and 3% then says error cant find server. please please help?::confused:
  • Sounds like you still have to do some port forwarding in the router to get the traffic flowing properly. The way to go about this varies by router- most times this is in the Advanced or Firewall areas of the settings.

    I've listed the ports needed in a number of the threads here in the PS3 Console section- have a look through some of the recent threads aking about their connection and you should find them. ;)

    f course, this may also have been due to the Sony server being slammed by everyone wanting it ASAP- they can only hand out to so many at a time. It's possible you will have better luck with it tomorrow.