Happy Birthday...!
  • Looks like we have a multiple Birthday day today...:D

    Happy Birthday Lyn (Lyndon M STAFF), congratulations on your 42nd birthday...!

    And Happy Birthday Jim (Jim B STAFF) on your 39th birthday...;)

    I'd also like to wish Zeppi and Weston 14 a Happy Birthday today too- it really is a popular day...;)

    Have a great day- the four of you....:D
  • Happy Birthday Lyndon and Jim! Don't party too hard now guys. I expect to see you two back in the morning.;)
  • No worries about the partying- I do have a job to get to tomorrow, after all (mind you, it isn't until 11 am I have to be there sooooo...) :p.

    Thanks both, and I'll pass on birthday wishes to the other people I'm lucky enough to be sharing this with (get your own cake though! ;) )
  • happy birthday the four of you
  • Oh wow. I take a little time away and look what happens.

    Happy Belated Birthdays!!!