Bluetooth Headphone problems
  • Can't get bluetooth headset (Motorola S9) to work. It looks like it's paired and connected, but no sound. WTF?
  • Once the pairing is done you will need to go into your Accesory Settings and scroll down to Audio Device Settings. Make sure you have the headphones selected as the output device and click OK.
  • No headphone option!
  • I can pick either default or my S9, when I pick S9 for both I can hear and the mic works till I press OK.
  • That is simply a test for the headset- if you can hear it in there you will be able to hear people in-game in games that support voice chat. Have the S9 selected for input to use the mic and having the S9 selected for output will ensure you can hear others talking to you.
  • I want to use the headset so I won't wake the wife late at night. For game play not chating.
  • Ok- unfortunately it isn't possible to get the PS3 to send gameplay sound to a headset directly. The bluetooth headset connection is for online chat only. If you are running your audio through your home audio system you may want to check out the various wireless headphones available for them.
  • I got a problem with my headset . When i go in the audio device settings

    on my ps3 my headset works , i can hear myself very well but when i play

    NHL09 i can't hear most of what people are saying and i can't talk.

    My headset is a plantronic with wired USB.

    Any Ideas?
  • Certain ports are needed to be open for voice chat- go into your router settings and open these in port forwarding:

    * TCP Port: 80
    * UDP Ports: 6000 - 7000, 50000, 10070
  • you need to check if your headset was compatible with ps3 or not