problem with my ps3
  • When i turn on my ps3 instead of it having the picture of the disk and going to the game it says saved data utility,it does this with every game i own and i dont know what to do so if anyone could help that would be great.

  • Go into the Settings menu and make your way into System Settings. Part way down this list you will see "disc auto start". Most likely this is turned off. Select this, highlight "on" and hit X. From that point onward, when you start the PS3 it should go directly to the game you have in the system.
  • It says the auto start is already there any other reason this would be happening?
  • it could be any number of things mate.. unfortunatly some first edition ps3's have a few probs with them im on my 3 rd console my first had probs with loading games it just wouldn read them or load them in any way obviously a prob with the disk drive however it did start off doing wat yours is doing before it finaly gave up and didn work playstation were vary good they sent me a replacement 48 hours later by courier.. if you dont get the tips on here then all i can sujest is you give playstaion a call and they may be able to sort it out also dose any error message come up??? one more thing it may be your controler my L3 is always sticking try switching your console on with out the controler turned on see if that makes a diffrence
  • Only other reasons i can fathom it not reading the discs is the lens may be dirty inside or it may be a problem with the blu-ray diode itself. Try picking up a lens cleaning kit (available at most electronics/ department stores) and give that a try. If it still does not work and you are sure the disc isn't showing up under the save game folder it may be time to contact Sony's tech department.