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  • Hi I Am Vicky I Have A Problem To Download Ps2 Games In Hes Harddrive By Pc how Can I Downloads Playstation2 Games In His Harddisk By My Pc pls Help Me I Am So Imberess If U Not Help Me Pls2 Help Me And Give Me A Solution I Am Waiting For Your Ans.........bye
  • downloading games isnt legal unless its through psn, unfortunatley this means if you are illegally downloading these games i wouldnt be able to assist you. Are you getting these games dfirect from sony?
  • Vicky, what you are attempting to do is considered piracy and is completely illegal. We here at Absolute PlayStation do not condone or support this sort of activity- you will have to find your answers elsewhere.

    I'm going to lock this thread- I ask that you please do not bring up this topic again.
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