• ive been into the chat room a couple of times now and ive been told that if theres no one in then to refresh the page.....HOW? :huh:
  • You're going to feel a bit silly after hearing the answer, steel- use the refresh/ reload button on your web browser or hit the F5 button on your keyboard. :p
  • forgive my ignorance but were is the refresh/reload button on my browser i cant find it any were:D i have found the F5 button though so im probably better of using that ;) thanks lyndon
  • And you have been messing around online for how long now? :huh:

    With Firefox 3 it's right beside the Forward/ back buttons in the top left side, just underneath the View and History menus. Looks like an arrow running in a circle.
  • :laugh: Ive just this minute found it,it's two arrows on my browser :laugh:
    And by the way Lyndon i have no idea what half the things are on my browser thingy :laugh: