• :ph34r: is it true that you can pull weapons out from under the ring apron thanks :ph34r:
  • As far as i know there were only the weapons that were provided during Hardcore matches but i could be wrong. I never was able to do this when i played this game. I guess it could be possible and if it is then someone will correct me on this. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Shock!!! This is the very first wrestling gaming thread in a very very long time.I have to go with
    madhtr here. I never thought there were weapons under the ring. Only the weapons that are provided.
    If you have any other questions pm me.
  • I believe in Hardcore mode, if you are armed with a weapon next to the apron outside of the ring and press R1, your weapon will be replaced with a different one as though you are swapping it over. ;)

    Please note I have only read this from a very good and credible FAQ and have yet to try it out myself ;)
  • Digger is correct. I have done it myself a fair few times.

    It is only in Hardcore mode that this can be done and you must already have a weapon in hand.

    It is a simple as walking up to the apron and pressing R1.

    The more you press it the different range of weapons you get until you decide to smack someone over the head. It's great cause you can have a crappy iron bar and change for a fire extinguisher. B)
  • FJ,
    Yep, confirmed this myself last night in Hardcore mode ;) I found that when pressing the R1 button anywhere along the visible apron when armed, it was replaced with another weapon. It cycles through numerous weapons as you keep hitting the R1 button, some of which didn't look reconisable ;)

    Anyway folks, have a good weekend all. I'm off home for the weekend. See ya's Monday B)
  • u r able 2 if u irish whip an opponent into the spot u r talking bout

    it also works if you irish whip an opponent into the lockers or walls in like vip room and shower room ect.
  • Bakerjosh,
    I don't believe that works near the apron of the ring but definatly does in other locations of the game ie, falling picture in the VIP room, fire extinguisher etc etc. ;)