Metal Gear Solid 4 glitch.
  • I recently purchased MGS4 and I was so excited to play it, I was also very excited for update 2.40, So I download 2.40, And then try to play Metal Gear Solid 4, I figured, Well, I hear this new update has in-game XMB, So I push the PS button, And to my surprise, No XMB, I have tried this with all my other games and it seems to work fine, Got any suggestions?
  • No ideas, eh?
  • Very odd- have you tried this after the upgrade to 2.41?
  • lyndon may be right mate mine didin work until i down loaded 2.41 maybe thats wy it was releasd so soon after 2.40 to iron out some faults in 2.40
  • Your right, it was released to fix the problems update 2.40 caused a number of people. They had to take 2.40 off their servers a short time after it's release because of these problems. I would say now you've downloaded update 2.41, try it again.