Sims 2 Urgent help!!
  • In the game sims 2 on ps2, I've reached level 4.. It's a ship with two men and a woman already living in it. I have two sims (a guy and a girl).. The girl is player 1, which means she has the gold wants.
    My current gold want is "Reach level 6 in any career"
    I work in the athletics and currently in level 5 in that career.
    I've raised two skills to the maximum (no cheats) body and charisma. And mechanical to 8.
    They say that I have to make friends and be in a good mood to get a promotion..
    I made friends, but they don't show in my relationships tab and my mood is always full..
    Can you help me :(
    I've tried calling a therapist on sims 2 but it only refreshes the normal wants not the golden one.
    And another problem is the maid that comes each morning...
    She doesn't clean everything around the house and leaves after cleaning a counter and making some beds. She doesn't clean the toilets or shower and doesn't wash dishes or even clean up puddles. I've tried to fire her then hire her again, but it doesn't work...
  • Have you tried continuing the relationship with Cpt. Nelson. I think once you hit 40 relationship points with him, the need will be fulfilled (you will be in a good mood and have made 'friends').

    From what i've read the Maid is supposed to do all of those things for you. Looks like you've got a Lousy maid, i would just fire her and clean the house yourself.
  • umm does sims(1 or 2 or 3) can be played online?
  • No online that I am aware of for the console Sims games, lolox.
  • I think Rob C staff is right, you should fire the maid and do things yourself.