• Okay, so my network account hasnt been that great from the start, ive always been getting errors when trying to accept friends and sometimes when playing online. But tonight i was kicked off cod4 2 times because it said an error occured and i was signed out of playstation network. Now every time i try signing on it does the same thing. The connection from the pc wireless router to my ps3 should be fine but im wondering why im getting this error message all the time, and now why i cant even sign in.
    If u know of any common problems i would be interested but i dont really see a reason for so many errors.
  • Have you done the regular bits of stuff i usually suggest to make things smoother (manually enter info in connection, set up custom Ip in router, port forwarding, etc.)?
  • I'm having the same issue with my Playstation 3. I've been able to play online with MW2 with no problems for the past few weeks and all of a sudden I'm constantly getting signed out of the network with over six different error codes. 8002A548,80710092, 80710B23, 80028C07, 80710504, and 80028E01. I've done everything with the router, resets, updates, IP address, and all that. I called the playstation people today and they were no help at all. They blamed my internet connection when I could clealy get online through my ps3 with a 100 percent signal strength. My internet is fine and I'm at my witts end with all the technology stuff. I've read a bunch of forums and researched things on the internet and nothing has worked. Please help. :(