• I'm at the beginning of the third disc, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what's the best and fastest way to gain levels before I have to do the final fight?
  • Well you can go level up where you are and in the sunken ship.... look out for Emerald Weapon, it sometimes get in front of it...
  • I would go down into the crater and battle mosters called magic pots feed them elixars and them kill them and u get so much experiance! ;)
  • The prob is how to get elixirs... which you can steal form Mr. Tonberry...
  • The best way is the Sunken Ship. You get good experience and you can morph all of the monsters into sources. The sources up one of your stats by one. So if you keep on morphing...give the materia to Yuffie...some reason she does more damage...you can level up your characters double the time.
  • Dunno how much this place is looked at anymore, but I have found that I level up right quickly when I roam around in the woods/trees in the Mideel area...... You get anywhere from 240-320 ap (don't remember how many exp points, but it's quite a bit) per battle, which is GREAT for leveling up your materia!! I have 'Wiseguy' equipped with his 'triple ap' weapon, and everyone else has their 'double ap' weapon, and everyone wears the rune armlet....... those materias just keep on leveling!!!!! I must say though, I am on a quest to get 'masters' of all the materias, so that is why I am doing this, and it seems to me that this is the easiest area so far....... I am currently in the middle of disk 3, and have a river/mountain chocobo also. That is my next goal, the Sea chocobo, to get the last remaining materia before going into the last 'cave'. As I have not been in there yet, I cannot offer any advice regarding that area, but I am having much luck with the way I am currently doing it now!

    Hope this is of some help to someone! :D :blink:
  • Inside the crater is the fastest and quickest way to gain levels. B)

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  • you have to use Elixirs on the Magic Pots before they can be killed, but if you have the W-Item materia you can use the W-Item trick to get 99 Elixirs.
    the W-Item materia can only be found in Midgar, after you fight Rude, Reno, and Elena (or after you choose not to fight them) go down through the tunnel all the way to the end, where you find a save point and the W-Item materia.
    pilot the Highwind into Sephiroth's Northern Cave on disc 3. when you reach a fork and the characters have to choose a direction, choose for Cloud to go left. when the characters choose the next direction have Cloud go through the upper entrance. take note of the next area, water and vines everywhere. this is where you find Magic Pots. This is an excellent place to use that Save Crystal you found near the entrance to the crater.
    use an Elixir on a Magic Pot and it will allow you to kill it. they're worth one thousand AP each. with Cloud's and Cid's Triple AP weapons, you'll get 3,000 AP from each Magic Pot.
    there are also monsters in this same area called Movers. they're worth even MORE than the Magic Pots, and you don't have to use an Elixir on them first. but they're kind of a rare encounter.
  • Everyone's right in saying that the Ship and the basin are the best places to get Exp bar two one off fights. Namely Emerald and Ruby weapon. It's been a while since I played FF7 but I can still remember that to beat Emerald of them you MUST HAVE kotr and mime. Many say that you only need 2 mimes but 3 is better since if you have W-Summon and you summon kotr twice you can mime this and then keep on miming it to your hearts content. Or you can use gravity magic on Quadra magic to take off 9999x4 and then mime it a good few times until gravity starts to take off less than 9999. Then use kotr for the finishing touch. When you kill Emerald (and you have to do it quick which is why I reccomend method one over method 2.) make sure Cloud has a triple AP weapon and the other 2 have double AP weapons and with luck every single materia will be gotten up to its max level. Although if you have a gaameshark or an X-ploder I can give you a cheat which makes any fight give you millions of Exp and thousands of AP (great for levelling up and getting all of your materia levelled up too.). I cant remember the best way to kill Ruby off-hand but i suppose all you really need to do is use google and the sheer number of websites devoted only to FF7 will astound you although its the same for FF8 and 9.