• My PS3 is being very tempermental and keeps signing out of the PSN and saying either that 'the connection with the playstation network timed out' or that 'you have been disconnected from the playstation network'. alot of the time i can just sign back in and it will allow me to be online for another 10 or so minutes until i have to repeat this. however, throughout all this i have a connection to the internet and can browse the internet on the browser. i use a wireless connection with a netgear DG834 router and before i updated to 2.40 i didnt have this problem. i have a very good signal strength. there is however always at least one other computer connected to the router. i have done all the correct port forwarding. is there any suggestions as to how i could rectify this problem? thanks
  • It's probably due to a conflict between IP Adresses with your PS3 and PC. Have you looked into creating a static IP Adress for your PS3 and putting it in the routers DMZ...?

    I don't think the 2.40 update would have affected the connection in any way. I think your PS3 and PC are finally starting to run into problems between the two of them. Or either the Wi-Fi card in the PS3 is beginning to break or your wireless connection is not as strong as you think and the connection is dropping frequently...?
  • I would say Rob is right, this could be an IP address conflict between the computer and the PS3. You may want to look into setting up a reserved IP address for the PS3 in the router settings.
  • yeah i have assigned my ps3 a static ip and put it in the dmz. my laptop is right next to my ps3 and has a signal strength of 96% and the ps3 says that it has a signal strength of between 75% and 85% the odd thing is that when i do a connection test, half of the time it says it can successfully connect to the PSN and only seems to be in-game where the issue lies?
  • How far away is the router from the PS3? While 75% signal would be good enough most times the PS3's wi fi card can be a bit, well, flaky. If the router is in the same room or nearby you may want to consider using a wired connection.