Tomb Raider: Anniversary.
  • Hi,

    I really need help, im playing tomb raider anniversary game and was really enjoying it until i tried to defeat the centures. I have been stuck here for ages now and can't get past. I looked for a walk through and can get them to freeze but i cannot get the sheilds out of their hands! this has put a real damper on the game. Is there a cheat to get past? Or any other method?

    Thanks for any help that you can give!!

  • Ok, what you need to do is just keep shooting at them until you get your rage meter up and are able to activate adrenaline mode. Shooting the centuar in adrenaline mode will stun it. When it is stunned grapple onto it's shield and remove it from it's grip. That's their shields gone...:)
  • Once you have the centaur stunned, he will turn his arm inward where the underside of the shield will face you and you will see a metal like ring, immedieatly use the grapple to take the shield away from him- you will only have a few seconds to do this. Once you have the shield away, use this to your advantage and to end the abnoxious battle. julie
  • Hi DannyMac,
    I have just defeated the centurs about 2 mins ago. I have been stuck on that bloody dodge for about 2 months now. Everyone i know has come round to try!!!

    What i did was when the level started i targeted one centur, I fired a few shots. I ran slightly to the right towards the water. I swam down into the tunnel where the swtich is located. I waited for about 10 minutes for it to die. You can tell because his power decreases. I waited another 5 minutes until the 2nd cen. stopped firing shots. I swam back 2 the centure and went to the fire. In front of the fire is a check point. I saved it there on a different memory space.
    I could not pick up the shield left behind by the 1st cen, so i tried the dodge.
    With me the trick was i panicked everytime he ran towards me or I would press the wrong buttons. I also found that when he charged he always knocked me over.
    Basically try this: Shoot the cen. etc. but as u can see his rage increasing distance yourself away from him. When he is charging towards u, have ur guns out. Wait until he is close, press the directional button THEN circle and hold. The screen goes into a blur, two arrows reach the cens. head then shoot. Its all about timing rather than technique. I dont think i have technique. It takes about a second for this to happen.
    I always seemed to get to the blurry bit then shoot striaight away. Just wait and it will all come together.
    If I can do it, then anyone can.

    Have faith!