• i am on nat 3 with a belkin wireless router is there a guide for changing to nat 3 from 2 on belkin router all ones i have seen so far are linksy
  • I bought a linksys to try to solve my nat3 problem. But there wasn't a guide it was the second best N1. It didn't fix the problem either. But customer service was great they call you so you don't have to, and everyone there knows what you already talked about so you don't have to keep telling them what you need. what isp do you have?
  • Gtafan, a good site to go to for the port forwarding problem is Port Forward. Just look up the exact model you have (instructions are there for just about every router available) and follow along. The ports you need can be found with a quick search of this forum for "ports" or "tcp"- do the search results as posts to get a look faster at the numbers.

    Gst- I've linked your thread about the port forwarding directly to your model of router. Good luck! B)