Music Problem really bugging me
  • Hi all. Im new here (first post actually) and iv had a problem for a while now so hopefully some of you experts will be able to help me! About 2 months ago all my music on my playstaion 3 just disappeared completely. I assumed someone had deleted it or something and left it be. So with the new 2.41 update i found out i could listen to music in a game so i tried to put more music on and it came up "this file already exists do you want to replace it?" so all my music i though was lost must still be on there somewhere. Then i tried to upload some new music that i didnt have and it uploaded fine but then my music section still remains empty! Alls i see when i go to music is "search for media server" and "create a playlist" but i can't even do that; when i click "create a playlist" it says "An error has occured (8003051E)

    Its really buggin' me can anyone help me please?
  • Doing a quick Google search on that error number turned up a possible solution- re-format the memory card/ thumb drive you are using to transfer the music over. It's possible the files are getting corrupted somehow when moving them or became damaged when something else wrote to the drive.

    What format are the music files in? It's also possible the problem may be a slight codec incompatibility issue. If that is the case I'm not sure there is a solution until Sony does an update there, other than make a regular music CD with the files on your computer and import that into the PS3.