Gt 3 for playstation 2 played on playstation 3
  • My name is Antonio,
    I play the gt3 for playstation 2 on ps3 and the problem that I have is that after winning (gold) all event in beginner and all event in professional when I try to start the last race in professional (GT Granturismo world championship) a windows comes up saying that I have to win all beginner and all professional event first, like I said I did win all those event and still can not play GT. Can you help with this issue?

  • Unless this is a glitch within the game, you must have not won all of the events that is required of you. To my knowledge the GT World Chamopionship is not the last event in the proffesional league anyway, Antonio. All you need to get in is an International A License and tyre wear needs to be on.

    If it still says you have to win all beginner and professional events before you can race this make sure you have- for example have you completed the FF Challenge (you need an S License), which is after it i thought...?