Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex
  • How do you get the silver relic on level 8, level 22 & level 25? I've done everything but that!

    PS: is there a cheat to complete the game like on X-box where you type in wombat as your name & everything is done for you?
  • I think those are the platinum relics you are looking at, not silver. The relics comes in three flavors- sapphire, gold and platinum.

    The time to beat on level 8 is 45 seconds. It's 1:30 for level 22 and 58 seconds for level 25.

    I had looked for that sort of cheat some time ago for another member- looks like that is only on the XBox version. Nothing on the PS2 to unlock everything.
  • Thanks, but is there some sort of shortcut to get those 3 platinum relics because I did the levels as fast as I can but I still can't get them
    Thanks again.
  • No shortcuts, no- just try to avoid the enemies altogether and RUN!! B)
  • Thanks, I'll just keep trying
  • Hello again I've found some ^ arrow boxes & those brown stripe bouncy boxes in levels that you can't possibly get them! eg.on Droid Void when you just get in the robot suit the door opens and I see a ^ box and above it I see an extra life box. I tried to jump on it but it just breaks. And I also found those boxes in levels where you're in the ball???
  • In the Droid Void level you have to shoot the extra life box to get the extra life. I think you may have to find a way to hit these boxes- be it with the ball or Crash himself...?
  • Thanks I already knew that you could shoot the life but I thought there was another way.