help for splinter cell double agent
  • hey whats up?
    In the last part of the game where you are running around a courtyard with lasers and emile mowing you down with a machine gun, would you have any help on how to get past it? thanks
  • While you are unarmed stay behind cover and wait for Emile to reload. When he does get up and run to the left. Emile will shut off the lasers to stay alongside you. As soon as he reloads duck behind the pillar-like bit that was in front of where you were hiding before and crouch down. Run behind the next bit of cover when he reloads.

    You'll have to fake running to the right to get Emile going that way and switch off the beams. As he stops to reload move to the next bit of cover to the right now, making sure you get yourself angled right for cover, otherwise you will get hit. The next time he reloads head for the black construction past the stairs (don't go for the stairs). Look around and you'll see a computer on the ground. hack it to shut off all the lasers. This starts a timer. Run to the obstacle next to the computer and turn so the computer is behind you and Emile is directly in front. Once Emile stops to reload again run back to grab your pistol and get back behind the cover. As Emile stops to reload one more time cap him with a head shot. You win!